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Město Klimkovice

Modern Klimkovice (after 1989)

After November 1989, a brand new chapter in history began for Klimkovice. It is characterized by a return to democratic principles in politics, private property markets and business relationships in the economy.

After forty years, free and democratic elections were held in June 1990. In the elections, democratic forces of society, especially the Civic Forum won over half the votes. Civic Forum won November's municipal elections as well. In Klimkovice, Civic Forum gained 33.15%, People's Party 23.34%, Democratic coalition 23.21%, and the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia 20.39% of votes. The first municipal council headed by the new mayor Dr. Ing. Lumír Bilík came to be based on these elections.

In a relatively short time, dozens of new private enterprises came to be in Klimkovice. During the privatization process, most stores went into private hands. Company “Dřevovýroba včetně kartonážnictví“ was transferred to private ownership as well. In early 1991, there was also the delimitation of agricultural cooperative.

In this difficult political situation, full of political and economic changes, Klimkovice has good prospects for development of the town. One of them is the realization of perhaps the largest project in town’s history - the construction of the New Darkov spa in the domain of Klimkovice, near Hýlov. The construction began on December 5, 1991, when the personal presence of the Deputy Ministry of Health Ing. Bohumil Kotyk, Director Dr. Czech State Insurance Company Dr. Vladimir Uzel, representatives of construction companies Svarc Prague and Zlin Building Construction and other hosts laid down the foundation stone of this great work.

This moment was a great commitment for Klimkovice, which obliges the town to adapt to the requirements and the level of spa towns in a short period of time. The municipality is trying to succeed in this test. In 1991, there was an extensive restructuring of the town set of by Petr Bezruč, and in the autumn of 1992, a new health centre was completed and at the same time a costly construction of sewer collectors began.

However, the biggest challenges for Klimkovice are still ahead. Which ones are going to be left to citizens themselves? Many, because everyone, in their own way, can help Klimkovice become a proper spa town.




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